Semester one in Law school

By Jameson Kachimwa Amazed by the news that I had been admitted at the University of Lusaka in the school of Law, I quickly rushed to share the news with my Uncle. Before I could do that however, I went mute for some good 10 seconds because I was still trying to catch my breath… Continue reading Semester one in Law school


Life as a Game of Chess

By Bruce Njovu In a game of chess, there are pieces with general powers and pieces with a more superior power. There are kings, Queens, Rooks, Bishops and Knights and the small guy, the Pawn. The one nobody is afraid to sacrifice for the greater good of the board kingdom. Think of yourself as the… Continue reading Life as a Game of Chess

Witchcraft, Christianity and the Law

 By Muleta Kapatiso Introductory Remarks Witchcraft and Christian spiritual practices are not easy to differentiate from one another as they both possess aspects which cannot be naturally proved but can only be believed to exist by those who feel they have had a non-natural experience or supernatural experience. In Zambia, witchcraft has been defined under… Continue reading Witchcraft, Christianity and the Law