And so it begins

welcome to campuswelcome to campus2welcome to campus3.jpgToday was your first day at University. We  hope you’ve had a good one and more importantly, that you felt welcomed. Please feel at home-you’ll be spending a lot of time in this new environment.

Here’s a micro summary of what you should have picked up (or in case you missed orientation):

1. Study hard and study smart. The information you’re taking in should not only get you through exams, but should also get you through life. Remember this will be the profession that will sustain your livelihood for years to come. Know your stuff for you, not the person marking.

2. Dress nice. Look sharp. Based on the law of attraction, if you want respect and success, you must absolutely look the part. You’ll quickly find that people are influenced by what they see. Don’t be naïve in thinking that you won’t be judged by what you wear. You will. Also, don’t wear fluffy bed slippers to class (girls) and don’t wear socks in your flops (guys). Those boarding school days are long gone.

3. Excercise. It never hurt anyone-just don’t over do it. To have an effective workout routine, we recommend that you eat healthy and get enough rest. Avoid artificial stimulants and depressants.

4. Try not to become a parent when you aren’t ready. If you’re invited to a boarding house or something similar to watch movies or hang out (especially by a member of the opposite sex) your antennae should go up. Nine out if ten times, you’re neither going to watch movies nor hang out. Do not put yourself  in compromising situations. People rarely sympathise when our troubles are self inflicted. Your newly acquired independence comes with a lot of self-accountability.*please note* don’t open up to just anyone. Not everyone genuinely cares and be prepared  for the real possibility that the whole world may know “your story”. A secret is only a secret with you.

5. There are going to be days when your pockets are going to be empty. That’s normal. Please keep your morality intact during those dark times. Don’t sell your soul or do anything that you will be ashamed of if anyone found out. Be steadfast. Tough times don’t last forever. If you feel like you’re losing the battle, ask for help from a reliable and responsible person.

6. Attend all your classes. Do all your homework and class excerises. If you decide you’re too cool for class, don’t go. Let us know what happens.

7. Avoid being “that person” who always has to copy assignments because they can’t get it together. Nobody like a parasite. Do your work. It’s to your benefit.

8. Be responsible. Manage your time. You need not sleep 2 hours a night before tests and exams. That’s a sign of poor planning. So is skipping class  because  an assignment is looming. Plan accordingly and do not procrastinate. For full-time students, day time is for class and studying with friends or alone. Weekends are for family. Night time is for sleeping unless you’re a creature of the night.

9. Part-time and distance students will have less interaction with lecturers. You’ll have to  be really self-reliant. It’s going to be hard but very much do-able. Good luck.

10. You can’t learn absolutely everything in class. There just isn’t enough time to teach you everything under the sun. Plus, if your lecturers teach you everything, what will you teach yourself??? Make use of the library and the internet to do a bit of extra reading. It’s okay to read outside of your discipline too. Law is a thread that runs through EVERYTHING. Another thing you should also learn to do it to compile notes in class. It’s not like primary school where the teacher will dictate to you. More importantly, read for understanding not for “memorisation purposes”. You’ll know why by the time week one is over.

11. Do smile and make friends. There’s no such thing as a lone wolf in law school. However, be weary of people that will cause you to stray. Try to talk to the person and see if you can improve the situation. If there’s no change man up and cut ties. If that’s too difficult a task, continue being friends but be friendly from afar.

12. Not all conflict is bad. Embrace it where you can and avoid it where necessary.

13. Please don’t tell lies to University staff. In doing so you not only do you insult their intelligence, you also lay down a reputation of being untrustworthy. Lies hurt you more than then person you are lying to. So don’t lie, period.

14. Spend time alone. It’s important. You get to think about nothing, everything, and anything.

15. Besides getting your degree at the end the the expected 4 years, engage in extra curricular activities. It looks good on your CV and it’s a much needed break from eating and breathing law on the daily.

16. Read your cases. Yes, all of them. Yes, the entire case. No, there isn’t a way around it. Yes, you will fail if you don’t. Yes, we’ve all done it. No, there’s no record of anybody dying from reading cases. No. It’s not negotiable.

17. Stay true to yourself. Be as you are no matter what anyone says. If you have to change, it’s for the better.  If you can manage that, you’re a champion.

18. Keep a positive mindset. Law school is super easy. Don’t let anybody tell you any different.

19. Talk to your parents and guardians as often as possible. They have wisdom and experience, both of which you lack. You can also talk to your lecturers. They are your substitute mum and dad and on some occasions, friends. Sometimes, you will face deeply personal issues which you won’t be able to tell another person. In such cases, pray.

20. There will be more ups than downs-promise!

21. Enjoy the ride!!

Remember him?


team 2.jpg


team3.jpgAll smiles

IMG_9024.JPG                                    Lawyers uphold the law, not break it. Don’t do drugs. 

IMG_9018.JPG                                                   Brothers and sisters only!!!

  • img-20171027-wa0009-e1517587703165.jpg
    Thomson, a fourth year student, is passionate about the law and learning. He spends much of his academic time to increase his depth and knowledge about the law. He is a prolific writer.
    IMG_20171010_125031.jpgYou don’t have to wear suits 24 hours a day
    I cleared my first year. You can too!
    Ask us, we can help!
    Bruce is a Network Associate and Information Technology freelancer. Passionate about Law and  entrepreneurship, he is founder of two startups namely Muzali events branding and Cedabury Ltd which he ventured into upon completion of an online entrepreneurial course offered by Stanford University.

    evanMy expectations in law school were that majority of the students would be interested in having discussions on how we can dwindle corruption levels in Zambia. Also I hoped to meet people who were interested in politics and how to introduce political hygiene in Zambia. Law school is a bit challenging but the lecturers are approachable and always help to make law school simpler a caption.  Evan L Tembo
    _MG_2629Why so serious?
    _MG_2641Speak Madam President

    Towela Mulubwa Chongo’s motivation for studying the Law is her late Grandfather, Rodgers Anderson Chongo, who was a lawyer by profession. She feels called Ito make a difference in a society.

Social butterfly
Law in action


Make sure you don’t miss the bus

Our grass is always green

IMG_6216                                                           This could be you, if you work for it



Enjoy Your Stay…and remember…




No phones in class!!!

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