An Afternoon with James

By James Tembo Jnr


There’s this girl I know called Rachel. If you’d met Rachel a few years ago, you might think she’s rapper from the 1980’s or something. I highly suspect that was the case but she claims her “swag” was all in the name of exploration and trying to find her place in the world. Let’s just say I believe her, and I if I did, then to a certain extent I can relate to that. The teenage years can be rough. Lucky for us the Bible says enjoy the days of your youth. I guess she was living up to the word.

snail pattOne thing I’ve grown to really love about Rachael is that she isn’t shy about echoing her story to students who are thrown off by failure, more especially those who are still in the fresh days of University. I remember a time when she was saying to somebody “I failed one of my courses while in first year but I won’t let that get in my way of getting this degree.” I think she even giggled when she said that. Oh Rachel, always looking on the bright side.

Another thing about her is that she’s such a giver. She just dishes out encouraging advice about working hard and soldiering on. I guess it’s because she appreciates that not everyone has had the chance to be where she is now.

snail pattShe grew up in Livingstone where she and peers dreamed of becoming the occupiers of a “fancy” profession such as law. Fortunately or unfortunately for them, this can only be acquired through perseverance. I think Rachel has what it takes and much more. After all, she defied a lot of odds to get where she is. She’s a fighter and I know we’ll battle out in court sometime!snail patt

I asked her about an old photo where she decided to dress up like Honey G from American idols (don’t remember the season). For some bizarre reason,  she also thought making a permanently depressed/aggressor face like that girl from the Vampire Diaries movies (the one who was in love with the vamp, was “cool”. Don’t get me wrong, she looked very very pretty but what happened to just smiling? We had a good laugh about all this that so don’t worry about her being offended.

“I was enjoying my teenage life,” she said, “I actually still wear caps when and on days I can.” She further added that “ Law school is fun and very descent if you follow the norms that are requested of you. If you are told to wear suits, why not? And obviously we have our descent dress down Friday where you let loose of the suites.”



snail patt

To this end, Whispers introduces you to Rachael Mibenge who is a 21 year old University of Lusaka law student. She’s in her third year at present.

Her transformation from Missy Elliot’s protégé to Michelle Obama’s long lost daughter  has been astounding to say the very least! Take it from me, this girl is going places!

End of part I

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