For my teacher

This is an adaptation of Chipangano Malowa’s “To the Lecturers”

For each time I’ve worn my clean, pressed, white shirts, I’ve been showered with praise. I’ve been hoisted up to the standards of a every gentlemanly being you could imagine, yet not a single one of my flatterers has ever asked how I keep my shirts polished, spruced up, and all around spiffy. Not one of them has asked about the mucky water that swirls down the drain after a hard morning of buffing and wrestling with my fabrics. You’d understand the toiling involved if you did a bit of hand washing now and again!

Whichever way it’s done, whether by hand or machine, God’s secret works the same. A process of transformation, renewal and purification ensues as the cloth touches that water. That’s amazing.

People that dedicate their time to uplifting other people-that impart knowledge on us are a lot like water. The effect that teachers produce when they imart knowledge works a lot like water (with a bit of soap!). Dunk learners in and out until all the stains are gone. teaher 5.jpg

When people meet me, they only get to see the finished product.

They’ll applaud me for winning the cases and give me pats on the back for a job well-done.

They’ll see the product of the effort put into shaping me to be the person that I am.

They’ll see the product of the harsh words endured to make me this person that I will become in the future.

They’ll see the product of the tears that came with the job. working professional.jpg

They’ll see the product of the endless preparation that goes into lecturing.

They’ll see the product of countless hours marking scripts.

They’ll see all this and more about me but they won’t see you.

teacher 4teacher 3.jpgteacher 2.jpgteacher 1.jpg

They won’t see you, my teacher.

They won’t see you because that’s the nature of people-to simply look at what is before their eyes but fail to see beyond that.

Take comfort in knowing that God sees you, and he will reward you. You have been blessed with the skills to transform, renew and purify others, and that makes you more valuable with each passing day. You are a force that changes the thinking of people, you make the white shirt clean whether the shirt knows it or not, you are ultimately the star.

It is your duty to have a good day, everyday. May God grant you the strength to endure and grow, in Jesus’ name.

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