To the Lecturers

When people see me wearing a white shirt, they praise me for the nice clean and neat shirt that I am wearing. However, no one sees the water that was used to wash that shirt. Most likely the water is even thrown away and everybody does not want to use it because it is dirty.

God has a secret…the water undergoes a process of transformation, renewal, purification. It comes back in form of rain, sometimes we get back the same water from the tap, at other times it becomes part of underground water and is pumped out as clean water.

Water is one of the most powerful forces on this planet. They say water is life. We cannot live without it and we cannot appear the way we do without it.

You are that water. When people will see me, they will praise me and applaud me for winning cases and for job well done….no one will see how much insults you endured to make me this person that I will become, no one will see your tears that came with the job, no one will see how much preparation you put in to lecture the following day and no one will see you spending countless hours marking scripts.

But you know what, God sees and he will reward you. Sometimes through people and sometimes you will notice that you  become wiser and many other doors start to open up in your life.

Whatever the case is, you will continuously undergo a process of transformation, renewal and purification which will make you more valuable by the day. You are a force that changes the thinking of people, you make the white shirt clean whether the shirt knows it or not, you are ultimately the star.

Have a good day. And may God grant you the strength to endure and grow each day…in Jesus’ name.

Always remember that if the water does not forget about the shirt it washed, the insults it received, the dirt it accumulated, then it will never make any other shirt clean because it will remain dirty never to be used again. You can only make an impact in people’s lives when you have renewed yourself to get rid of all the dirt collected from semester to semester. You will then be open to reach out to other students with añ open heart and mind.FB_IMG_1507323107992

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