Love is Strange

Love is Strange…

She slips into your life like a swift dagger.fairy dust
She mercilessly shreds your defenses!
Unable to find your footing, you stagger,
Only to fall in her arms and have her caress away your senses.

She flatters you. Tends to wounds she caused.
She says your name like she’s teaching your ears how to hear
She assures you that it’s no concern of hers that you’re flawed;
That she’s here to stay and watch seconds morph into days and then years.

She patches the cracks in your armor with her flawless flesh.fairy dust
Further selling you the idea of being without blemish.
She becomes your religion. Your obsession. Your church.
And just as your mustard-seed-like faith starts to take root… she reveals the leash!

‘Love. O! Beautiful as the congregation of the stars of the night sky!
Love. The fairest among all maidens. The choicest of the garden’s flowers!’
‘Lex. The personification of perfection. Man of passion. King of mine.’
I hear her speak. And tis clear why, when love’s involved, conquerers quiver like cowards.fairy dust

Because love enters the scene like a silent whisper; refreshingly beautiful.
And leaves with the wrath of a violent storm; utter mayhem!
‘After giving this much of myself, I know that to me, most of ‘us’ is ‘u’.
I beg you to never leave.’ I say, as I fall to my knees, revealing a diamond ring and the promise to give her my name.

fairy dustThe restaurant bursts in cheer and merriment! Celebrating the moment I bind myself to my captor
But as I look into her eyes and through the veil of tears, see a million years of fights, kisses and a shared life,
I realize that I, too, have been to her, as swift as a dagger; fear-striking as a pending storm and dominant as a ruthless master.
And as she screams ‘Yes! A thousand times YES!’ I have no doubt that if the storm hits me, I will find refuge in the arms of my friend… my wife.……………… fairy dust.png

the marriage

Keep Smiling,



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