Are You Lost? Your Purpose is Looking for You

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel like tumbleweed just moseying along with the breeze. It’s already mid-May and so far I’ve abandoned more than half of my new year’s resolutions. Of course no surprises there but what is surprising is how complicit I’m being about my decent into a state of nothingness. This year will soon end and I’ll have nothing to show for it if I don’t turn things around. Absolutely nothing.

The problem isn’t so much that I’m sitting around waiting for the sun to rise and set. It’s that I’ll start something and if met with even the slightest bit of obstruction, I give up. Not giving up in the way that you’d imagine, where I out rightly declare that I am incapable of carrying on with this task. I mean I’ll sugar-coat it and tell myself that I’m much too busy at the moment and I’ll get round to it later. I never do. It could be that it’s not very important. I can’t say for sure.

I guess I’ve had time to reflect on this cycle based on a series of events that have happened and failed to happened lately. Also because of an article I picked up about the passing of the year and pursuing happiness. The author questioned why it has to take a drastic event to push people to do some serious introspection, and since he left the floor open for possible answers, here’s my take – I think people are lost. They are so lost that they don’t even realise it. They are lost in life’s wilderness.

Think about it. If someone asks you now, “who are you” and “what do you do”, besides giving them your name and job title, what more is there to say? If you haven’t figured that out, are you on the way there? Or are you in hot pursuit of the dream sold to you by someone else? Think about it seriously. Is what you are doing with your life right now your calling? Is that your purpose? Is that what gives you a peace of mind? Does it define you and complete you? Perhaps you’re simply a rolling stone going whichever way you are kicked by whosoever kicks you. Now I’m waffling. Let me get back on track.

A lot of people don’t have plans beyond Friday. They simply wake up on Monday morning and look forward to the end of the week. Everything else that happens in between doesn’t really matter as long as there are enough Fridays to make it to the end of the month-pay day! What if they contemplated having a more fulfilling week by doing something that serves a bigger purpose. I’m talking about something that goes beyond a monthly salary and putting food on the table. What if, people look inside themselves  and discover that they have the power to actually get things done. To actually make earth shattering changes. It’s scary if you think about it like that. If you aren’t scared then you’re not letting your imagination run wild!

If we go by my “lost” theory, it explains a lot of the problems that we have in our communities. They all exist because most people don’t know what they are supposed to be doing with themselves. They have no set goals and dreams. They have no reason to extend themselves beyond self-interest. Look at it like this, a man who abuses his daughter does so because he has no identity, he doesn’t know that as a man he needs to protect her, he’s a lost soul. A woman who engages in bribery at a government office to “grease the wheels” has no sense idea what it means to be up-standing, it’s not in her character. The masses that watch silently as injustices happen, don’t seem to know that if they speak with one voice, they can put an end to it. No wonder the world is running mad! People don’t seem to reaslise that they are lost and being looked for. Purpose- yours and mine, is looking for us. We need to get found.

It’s always easier to be safe and to do nothing though. It’s easier to just be born, live life minding your own business, and die later rather than sooner. It’s perfectly understandable because life can be so hard sometimes. On the flip side, life can be oh so wonderful.

Here’s my truth. There have been some tough times but no matter how bad it gets,  when I write, I feel pretty good about what I’m doing. When I draw I feel even better. I love the feeling I get when I share my work with people and they can make some sense out of it. I’m not the best out there but I certainly do my best. I’d like to think that at least in some small way, I’m making my contribution to humanity. I’m a story teller and an artist. When this year ends no matter how little the progress, I know I can smile and hold onto that because it’s a part of me. If something tragic happens or comes close to happening, and this thing which is so important to me nearly slips out of my hands, it would be such a terrible thing to waste. Just imagine, all the lives I could have touched if only I hadn’t taken my life for granted. Given a second chance, I would try my hardest to be refine it and develop it-that which defines me. Now what about someone who hasn’t found that part of themselves yet, what will we remember them for? How would they like to be remembered beyond just, he was a father, she was a doctor, he was good guy, she was young. Doesn’t it sound exciting and dignified to think that if it all ends today, people will say “He was a force to be reckoned with”, “She didn’t just make a product, she created an effect!”

I know that the argument is that people have families and priorities change. That’s true and I completely understand but you are who you are away from your family, your spouse, friends, and work colleagues. You are a whole person sharing your whole self with other people, not an incomplete and lost human, hoping to be filled by someone else. You can only be complete if you are happy and you can only be happy if you know what you are doing. That’s what I think anyway.





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