Semester one in Law school

By Jameson Kachimwa

Amazed by the news that I had been admitted at the University of Lusaka in the school of Law, I quickly rushed to share the news with my Uncle. Before I could do that however, I went mute for some good 10 seconds because I was still trying to catch my breath as the news was so breath-taking. At last the words “I have been admitted to study Law at Unilus” came out of my mouth and I could see the joy that it brought to my uncle. The word he uttered was Congratulations! This through me deep in thought, I envisioned myself wearing a wig, bib and a robe receiving the exact words of “Congratulations Jamie” as I am addressed at home. And with my head held high I responded by saying thank you accompanied by a bow.

From there I quickly called Mum, and shared the news who equally expressed profound and extreme joy. She reminded me of how by the age 8 I proclaimed that I wanted to become a Lawyer. For me, that was the beginning of the journey and it was the moment of truth, never have I ever felt so strong a feeling of fulfilment. That quickly took me to my room and in no time I was on my knees thanking God Almighty for the great opportunity to finally do my passion.

Moving on, I am seated in the new hall among hundreds of new students knowing only two these were Musenge and Cassie during orientation on the 2nd of February, 2018. I sat there listening to speech after speech and after about three hours, we were split according to our faculties. As the School of Law we convened in room seven. A few minutes later we were welcomed by the Law Association Executive under the Leadership of the Honourable Bruce Njovu who has then completed his LLB study. He was accompanied by the smartly dressed Secretary General Mr Chilobe and the very enthusiastic and boldly spoken moot coordinator as she was then, Ms Simara Abukalar who is now the Academic Secretary for School Union, who educated us about moot and shortly after, we were dismissed.

Class had begun and after a few sessions with Dr Mulenga who was so inspiring and motivating when he shared part of his story. He was taking us in the introduction to law course which was concluded by Mr Chakanika who was equally was inspirational and motivational. He stressed the importance of ethics of a law students which spanned the ethics of a Lawyer too. I don’t know about my colleagues but this knowledge shall never depart from me.

My writing skills improved extremely all thanks to Mrs Nyirongo who put in more than just effort in our Legal and Academic writing course, this was also supplemented by the Knowledge we acquired from the English Course which was conducted by Mr Chilufya who equally polished our writing skills. Which focused mainly on writing arguments, it also helped us detect fallacious reasoning by identifying different types of fallacies. The knowledge of fallacies was further enhanced by Comrade Dexter Nthani (Malcom X as he is popularly known) who has a broad understanding of them and really he is quite a genius. By the way he happened to be the first person to actually welcome to the boarding house I was first accommodated.

Further, being a businessman I learnt a lot from the Business Environment Course that was conducted by Ms Moono. Applying the knowledge I learnt improved my business drastically and I remember making double the profit than I had made the previous month lol.

This is not really the platform to convey my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation on the skills that I have acquired from the above mentioned Lectures but kindly bear with me for doing so. In the same way I like to appreciate and state that the revised curriculum for Law is quite effective as it is evident that we were equipped with skills that were even admired by our seniors whom are still using the old curriculum. Also sincere appreciation to my study group mates Aquila, Zhing’a, Cassie, Teddy, Louis, Musenge, Robert, Amos and Sam. Further sincere appreciation to senior counsel Colin Kabalata who guided us when we were roommates, though he mocked us for taking introduction to Law ( Couldn’t use his exact words lol).

Away from that, I am sited next to Vistone, Kondwani the male one and the Female Kondwani debating the seniors among them a comrade of mine Evan Livas Tembo. As leader of Opposition I was first to speak and finally our debated was concluded by our able whip who was Ms Kondwani who shot the last lethal bullet which saw us emerge victorious and she emerged the best speaker of that competition which she well deserved.

A few weeks later, I am lead counsel representing the appellant with my co-counsel Malcom Nyirenda in a moot organized by the moot society. Our 3rd Colleague was Victoria Kaira, she was indisposed and so did not make it. On the respondents’ side, standing as DPP was Ms Kondwani accompanied by state advocates Clive Chanda and Nuru Sikasala.

As my colleague Malcom had put it when he was addressing the court that we were ambushed by the number of Judges, we appeared before Lady Chief Justice Simara Abukalar (now retired as Chief Justice of the moot court society), Justice Nelson Malambo (Now the current Chief Justice), Justice James Tembo, Lady Justice Chongo and Justice Daniel.

This was an amazing experience despite the ambush in the way the questions were being asked, among the words showered to me by Justice Tembo when I was addressing the court, was that “This is not a court of feelings counsel!” when I made a mistake of saying “I feel that the court should consider….” And the other words spoken, came from Justice Malambo (as he was then) was “We don’t care where you are coming to! Just answer the question counsel” This was after yet another mistake of not responding to a question which I intended to address once I was done with my first submission. This was really fun we learnt a lot which has made us more eager than ever to be given another chance to moot. And actually we really did a good job considering the fact that we were arguing on a matter which is in Criminal Law when we had not done the course as yet and seeing that this was our first ever moot.

Overall the first semester was an awesome experience of course notwithstanding the fact that it had its bad moments too but the good moments outweighed the bad. Please bear with me as I can’t list each and everyone but all I can say is much appreciation to all that made it a wonderful experience. And thank you for taking the time to read.


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