To the Lecturers

When people see me wearing a white shirt, they praise me for the nice clean and neat shirt that I am wearing. However, no one sees the water that was used to wash that shirt. Most likely the water is even thrown away and everybody does not want to use it because it is dirty.… Continue reading To the Lecturers


For my teacher

This is an adaptation of Chipangano Malowa's "To the Lecturers" For each time I've worn my clean, pressed, white shirts, I've been showered with praise. I've been hoisted up to the standards of a every gentlemanly being you could imagine, yet not a single one of my flatterers has ever asked how I keep my… Continue reading For my teacher

Now here’s something interesting…

From writing advice to hands-on blogging tips, these are 2017’s community favorites. via 365 Days of Inspiration: Our Readers’ Favorite Stories on Writing and Building Community — Discover   DISCLAIMER The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his/her private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of the University and… Continue reading Now here’s something interesting…

I can’t find my USB flash drive, now everybody can see my stuff!

Universal Serial Bus (USB) drives or flash drives are convenient devices for storing data because they're usually quite small making them portable. However, they're easy to lose and if you're like me, you've misplaced dozens of flash drives which might have even contained sensitive data like your curriculum vitae, copies of your ID, or even… Continue reading I can’t find my USB flash drive, now everybody can see my stuff!

Nutrition and WASH (Water,Sanitation,Hygiene)

Malnutrition, and more especially under-nutrition is a challenge and serious public health concern. Two in five children under five in Zambia are stunted, which indicates chronic malnutrition. Severely malnourished children are more likely to die in comparison to their well-nourished peers. Stunted physique is attributed to under-nutrition, micro-nutrient deficiencies, mono-diets and poor WASH practices (Water,Sanitation,Hygiene).… Continue reading Nutrition and WASH (Water,Sanitation,Hygiene)